Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here Comes the Fail :3

So it all starts tomorrow night... the first raid I will have healed since the new patch. Honestly Im excited to see how all the prep work pays out. A guy can only do so much, but those questions just keep running through my head like nobody's business.

“Did I glyph right?”

“Do I have the right rotation planned?”

“Can I still live up to the expectations of the leader because of the changes?”

“Can I explain the difference between the Good goo and the bad goo?”

I can go through and research till the cows come home, but Im a guy that learns by doing... and usually by oopsing. With that said... I have to apologize now to my 10 man team over the fact that there will be a lot of oopsing on my part because of the rotation change and trying to combat the muscle memory of spamming the raid with hots and playing nourish / regrowth guy. I have a lot of gratefulness to the druid community posting blogs and what happens when posts, especially Keeva, who came out with the awesome guide that gives me a lot of the heads up I need to know.

At the same time too, there have been quite a few people in my guild asking me for moonkin help. My heart goes out to you guys, because well... I just haven’t had time to do much of anything with all the stuff that’s happening in RL and trying to get healing down again.

After I raid, I think I can update this blog more often, because I will know whats going on more than the laggie battlegrounds aspect.

So I guess wish me luck and I hope to update this more often than what I have in the past.


  1. Healing seems like the spec to play these days, 4.0.1 is making that more and more apparent. I think for the people who healed any particular length of time will find it exciting again, like yourself.

    As gamers we love challenges and the opps/YAY those bring, any feeling of accomplishment is gratifying to say the least, now when will I get my chance to heal? *deep stare into the unknown*

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll do fine.

  2. Hehe thanks... It is a nice thing to have a change every now and then. With all of that said I'm planning on having fun playing red light green light on mumble with the efflorescence proc. And as for you healing, that change will happen on the same day they let me tank :)