Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pnut Quickies 2

So I AM still around, its just been really, really crazy lately. I’ve had literally zero time to just sit down and relax, much less blog. But I am here now, and I have a few minutes before the raid, so here is a quickie.

As some of you may know, Tuesday I went into surgery to take care of a nasty case of sinusitis. As an update for the group of friends and family that is following my blog for that reason, went better than was was expected, and I am recovering well. I’ve spent a few days sleeping around the house getting all nice and strong again, and went back to work for the first time today. I am feeling much better, and I am looking forward to meeting with you all down the road to talk about it more.

There has been a lot of things being leaked, released, shown off, and exposed from the expansion that are really quite amazing… One of those being the boomchicken pet. Oh man, if they dance… I’m probably going to be the first ones on my server to have one ;). On top of that, I dont know if you remember that add-on that used to be on curse that changed the game music when you rode on a chocobo mount… Im totally going to make one that starts off the old school batman music for the troll flight forms. :D.

Last but not least, I want welcome all the new viewers… Feel free to make comments and leave notes… and I will answer them as I can get to them.

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